Kampong Speu provincial governor Vei Samnang has returned from his fact-finding trip in China as part of his plans to attract foreign investment.

While in Henan, China’s third-most populous province, Samnang took to social media to announce that the Henan Federation of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs – a body made up of over 50 member companies – is currently exploring investment opportunities in Kampong Speu province.

He said Henan is not only the fifth-largest economy among the Chinese provinces, but also one of the nation’s foremost agricultural regions.

He noted that Wang Guangguo, executive director of the federation, has committed to encouraging over 50 enterprises to invest in Kampong Speu.

He said the investments would primarily target agriculture, cattle and pig farming, as well as the establishment of meat processing industries, among others.

Samnang explained that his visit was driven by the objective of fostering investment opportunities across various sectors to benefit both parties.

Additionally, it aimed to implement robust collaborative programmes in key sectors.

“The federation aims to enhance and streamline collaboration among Chinese investors in Kampong Speu, spanning various sectors such as agriculture, clean energy, electric vehicles [EVs] and more,” he added.

Sok Touch, president of the Royal Academy of Cambodia, highlighted the potential of Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan province, as a significant market for Cambodia in terms of exporting agricultural products and promoting tourism.

“The central location of this province makes it highly favourable for Cambodia to export to. This would establish a strong link between Henan and the Kingdom, and serve as a means to boost the growth of tourism, contributing to the recovery of our tourism sector,” he said.

He noted that the visit has not yet yielded concrete results, as the negotiations need to be completed before an agreement can be signed.

Touch was optimistic that the discussions would yield promising results, and highlight the potential for collaboration between Henan and Cambodia to enhance their economies, trade relations and tourism.