The National Police have retrieved the gun used by the Ministry of Interior’s Anti-Terrorism Office director Thlang Phinra to threaten the owners of a Tuol Kork district noodle shop.

Deputy National Police chief Y Sokhy said Phinra has signed a contract acknowledging his wrongdoing.

Sokhy is preparing to convene a meeting between Phinra and the owners to find a solution or mediate outside the court system. “Both parties are friends,” he said.

If they do not agree and want to send the case to the court, Sokhy said they could do so.

Chuy Sokheng, the owner of the shop, said on Thursday he does not want to end the case outside the court system.

“I give authority to the court to process it. I cannot end the case outside the legal system no matter if there is mediation,” he said.

Sokheng’s wife Pov Dina said on September 23 that Phinra insulted and threatened to kill her and her husband. He took out a gun and threatened them while they were having lunch with eight friends.

“I call on Interior Minister Sar Kheng and related officials to help. He has money, power and position. I cannot confront him other than through the law. I ask for $100,000 in compensation and request he is punished severely,” she said.

The Post could not contact Phinra for comment.