Police in Kampong Chhnang province’s Kampong Leng district recovered the body of a woman who was missing following an incident where a boat sank in Por commune around midday on July 25. The body of her missing husband had not yet been recovered, as of July 26.

Kampong Leng district police chief explained that the couple’s 12 year-old son was able to swim to shore when the vessel capsized, but that his father had drowned trying to save his mother, who was unable to swim.

He added that authorities had located the sunken vessel on the morning of July 26, and recovered the body of Eng Yim, 44, at midday. Her husband, Ren Rith, 30, remained missing. The family were residents of Damnak Koh Ker village, Por commune.

“The boat was carrying the family of three when it sank. The son managed to swim to shore, while his father attempted to tow his mother to safety. Sadly, both of them were lost,” he said.

Chhoeurn claimed that the vessel overturned due to poor handling.

“It sank due to an error in piloting the vessel. The currents were not very strong, but the person steering the vessel was negligent,” he said.

The Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology announced on July 25 that from July 26 to August 1, Cambodia would be affected by a prolonged low pressure front on the upper Mekong River Basin through Thailand, Laos and the central part of Vietnam, as well as a moderate southwest monsoon.

It added that in the Pacific Ocean east of the Philippines, Doksuri, a Category 5 storm, had strengthened into Typhoon Doksuri. The storm was moving between the Philippines and Taiwan towards mainland China. The storm was expected to make landfall in China on July 28.

The ministry warned that the storm might bring moderate-to-high rain to the central lowlands, while the northwestern provinces may receive moderate rainfall and thunderstorms. Highland areas could also receive light-moderate-to-high rainfall and thunderstorm.

“The coastal regions may experience moderate rain and thunderstorms and the sea will see strong winds and high waves,” it cautioned.