Three people sustained minor injuries when a fire blazed through three homes in the early hours of December 18 in Tuol Sangke I commune’s Phsar Toch village of Phnom Penh’s Russey Keo district, said local police officials.

Tuol Sangke I commune police chief Nong Sabong told The Post that the fire began in the house of 53-year-old Sen Senghean and then spread to another two houses. All three homes were constructed with a concrete first floor and a wooden second level measuring around 9m x 12m, which was what primarily fueled the fire. No cause has been determined yet.

“The fire left three people injured, two women and one man, and damaged two motorcycles, one tuk-tuk and some other items,” he added.

He continued that at this time, the firefighters from the Phnom Penh Municipal Police’s Fire Prevention and Rescue Department were continuing to investigate and are making inquiries with the home owners to determine the cause of the fire.

Phnom Penh’s Fire Prevention and Rescue Department Director Prom Yorn told The Post that at the scene there was no sign of foul play or arson and the home owners suspected it may have been due to an electrical fault.

“The fire started in the home of Sen Senghean and was likely caused by an electrical fault. However, our police officers are continuing to search the scene to look for the exact cause of the fire,” he said.

Yorn said that 19 fire engines, including six fire engines from the Overseas Cambodia Investment Corporation (OCIC), two fire engines from Koh Pich Satellite City and one fire engine from Khmer Beverages, all responded to the emergency call and were able to extinguish the fire.