Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospital reported success with lifesaving treatments for a child who suffered from a severe condition caused by dengue fever.

In a social media post on September 15, the hospital said that a 4-year-old girl suffered from severe expanded dengue syndrome which caused repeated cardiovascular collapses and massive gastrointestinal bleeding.

Fortunately, she was saved by emergency resuscitation and then put in a medically induced coma and on assisted ventilation for seven days of blood-plasma transfusions in the ICU.

“Today, she survives with a smile. Congratulations and a big thank you to the ICU team who saved this life,” said the Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospital.

The hospital thanked the Cambodia Kantha Bopha Foundation, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and all donors, both big and small, for their assistance as well.

The hospital called on the public to eliminate the standing water sources that mosquitos breed in or use the anti-larval Abate on them to eliminate dengue fever, especially during the current rainy season.