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The Gecko: 24 January 2008

The Gecko: 24 January 2008


Yon Woo Co., Ltd from South Korea,which is building the 42-story Gold Tower 42 on

the corner of Monivong and Sihanouk Blvds, issued a press release that expresses

the excitement surrounding the skyscraping endeavor. Some excerpts:

"The Yon woo have founded business plan that have target for the building of

the intelligent & high-tech building as landmark in Phnom-Penh. And Yon woo have

the propose of the business that make to be small of the small for the business pay

ability & make to be better of the better for the business quality."

"The first business plan have been included the international grade's apartment

& high-tech office zone and commercial zone. That's all system must will bring

from the Korea. We will make the rising effect for the knowledge rate and then make

the mood for the boom-up. The 2nd business plan will be include to compound shopping

center, service area for the resistant and hotel facilities. The plan will devise

to have synergy effect as step by step, keeping program."

** A Thai company based in Bangkok called VISA SERVICE is also feeling bullish about

its capabilities. They have been distributing brochures in English and Khmer along

the riverfront touting their ability to secure visas for a range of categories.

With a photo of the Statue of Liberty on the cover, they boast:

"Make your dream come true ALL COUNTRIES. EASY WITH US! We have 100% SUCCESS*

(*conditions apply) Visa for GIRL-FRIENDS, FIANCEES and WIFES and also for bar girls

even with previous rejection NO PROBLEM!"

** An aid worker involved in helping democratize Cambodia with funds from Europe

sent the Post a copy of a bumper sticker that reads: "Be nice to America Or

we'll bring democracy to your country."

** American citizens who want to vote in the democratic primaries for this year's

presidential elections can now do so overseas for the first time. A Drop-in Voting

Center will be set up at the store: USA Donuts, #15, Street 136, near the Central

Market. Polling day is February 9 from 2 to 6pm. Voters have to show their passports.

Email [email protected] for more info.

Try a bear claw donut while you're at it too.

** One shop in town is now offering a Chinese product called "FLY".

An English description has been taped on the tin which reads: "Urge sex powder

for women $4.00. Oral taking, 15-20 minutes before sexual activity. Drinking wine

may also take good effect."

No indication whether Cambodian FDA approval has been granted or not.