In a recent gathering that highlighted the global commitment to eliminating landmines, all 164 signatory states of the Ottawa Convention expressed their support for Cambodia’s newly-appointed Prime Minister, Hun Manet.

The meeting, held on August 28, emphasised the leader’s dedication to resolving ongoing landmine issues in the Southeast Asian nation.

Juan Carlos Ruan, director of the Implementation Support Unit (ISU) of the Ottawa Convention, voiced support for Cambodia and its Prime Minister while in discussion with Ly Thuch, senior minister and first vice-president of the Cambodian Mine Action and Victim Assistance Authority (CMAA).

Thuch revealed that the meeting was a precursor to a larger event, the Fifth Review Conference of the States Parties to the Convention.

Scheduled to take place in Cambodia on December 24, this conference will bring together representatives from all 164 signatory states, along with other international institutions.

Thuch also confirmed that he will serve as the conference’s designated president.

“On the occasion, Ruan extended congratulations to Prime Minister Hun Manet on his recent election and expressed strong support for the Prime Minister’s vision and ongoing commitment to resolving Cambodia’s landmine issues,” said Thuch.

He added that the ISU has pledged its continued cooperation and assistance in Cambodia’s landmine clearance efforts.

On behalf of Prime Minister Hun Manet, Thuch expressed gratitude to the ISU for their unwavering support.

He said the government aims to fulfil its responsibilities under the Ottawa Convention, and this partnership underscores its dedication to demining and victim assistance.

“With the backing of the ISU and the European Union, Cambodia is prepared to host delegations from 40 countries for the upcoming Global Conference on Assisting Landmine and other Explosive Remnants of War Victims and Survivors in the Context of Disability Rights this October,” Thuch said.

Serving as the appointed head of the Fifth Review Conference, Thuch relayed a message from Prime Minister Hun Manet to all signatory states.

He affirmed that Cambodia is eager to host and warmly welcome delegates from 164 countries and other international bodies to the event which will be held in Siem Reap.

Cambodia has been a committed member of the Ottawa Convention since 1999. Under the agreement, the country has shown a marked focus on landmine issues, receiving high evaluations from other signatories.

Its active fulfilment of treaty obligations highlights Cambodia’s role in a global effort that seeks a future where landmines no longer pose a threat to human security.