The Ministry of Health has declared a ban on an unregistered powdered milk product being falsely marketed on social media as “Ensure Max”, and implored the public to refrain from its use to safeguard their wellbeing and that of their children.

The ministry’s directive was announced in a June 26 press release, underscoring an urgent alert against unregistered milk products promoted via the Facebook account NCT3 FOOD 21, without any official health recognition or pertinent product information.

“To prevent monetary loss and potential health detriment, the ministry encourages the public to discontinue purchasing and consuming this powdered milk being publicised on social media, absent of scientific nutritional information and licensing from the ministry,” said the press release.

The ministry has vowed strict legal repercussions for the Facebook account owner and urges individuals to report any queries or suspicions about products to the ministry’s department responsible for food and drug regulation.

The Post’s efforts to connect with the NCT3 FOOD 21 Facebook account holder for a response have thus far been unfruitful. The account touts unsubstantiated health benefits of Ensure Max, including alleviation of joint pain, joint inflammation treatment support and general nutritional improvement.

Phan Oun, head of the Consumer Protection, Competition and Fraud Repression Directorate-General (CCF), conveyed to The Post that the issue is under scrutiny, hinting at potential legal repercussions supplementary to the ministry’s press release.

“We are investigating this Facebook page to locate their base. Our team is working on the case and will consolidate information soon,” Oun stated.

The health ministry continues to be vigilant in issuing notices concerning product bans and recalls in the Cambodian market, beseeching public awareness.

It recently barred the Houy Online Shop social media account from advertising and selling unlicensed cosmetics.

Products like DenK-Air Junior 4mg, ADIPIN 10, and counterfeit goods named COOL-KID have also been recalled, as per the ministry’s announcements.