Hun Manet, the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (RCAF) and commander of the army’s infantry, on Sunday warned candidates from being too complacent in the recruitment examination, which will see the participation of 8,000 potential soldiers.

A press release from the examination committee said that it begun from Sunday to Thursday at examination centres in the capital and Military Regions 1 through 5. The examination will cover subjects in general knowledge, foreign languages, sports and physical fitness.

Successful candidates will join the ranks of the Kingdom’s military forces.

Manet, who is also the deputy chairman of the examination committee, was speaking before nearly 400 candidates and assured them that the admission process would be conducted smoothly and fairly.

“You candidates must exert effort in all subjects. We have three written examination sections so you must not be absent from any of them. If you are absent in one, you’ll fail automatically, so you must take them all.

“If you are concerned that you won’t do well in the General Knowledge section, you must try to do well in the English and Sports sections because your scores from the three will be combined.

“'You must take all sections. We will be recruiting 620 out of the 8,000 candidates. Don’t lose hope just yet. If you are determined, you will pass. The examination committee will do whatever it can for the examination to take place correctly and with transparency.

“If you are capable, you will pass. If you don’t, at least you did your best. Don’t depend on your parents and uncles who are soldiers to help you pass. Don’t rely on insiders who tell you that they will help you pass.

“Days ago, a candidate in Takeo told me that he was confident he would pass the examination. Don’t be like that,” said Manet.

Brigadier General But Sopheap, the chairman of the Phnom Penh examination centre, told reporters that the committee will ensure the examination is conducted fairly and transparently to dispel rumours of corruption.

Previously, rumours that the committee had been taking bribes had surfaced, but no evidence was found after an investigation was conducted.

“Some people keep saying [that we take bribes], but we adhere to the principles of the committee. Each examination centre is supervised. Phnom Penh municipal military forces monitor and check the centres and surrounding buildings.

“We intend for only capable candidates to pass. All candidates must answer the questions to the best of their abilities. We will do our best to ensure that our principles are upheld,” said Sopheap.

He said of the candidates, 346 will come from the capital, 55 from Military Region 1 in Stung Treng province, 84 from Military Region 2 in Kampong Cham, 81 from Military Region 3 in Takeo, 165 from Military Region 4 in Siem Reap and 127 from Military Region 5 in Battambang province.

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