Former Prime Minister Hun Sen, president of the ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP), has urged party members working in government roles to diligently fulfil their responsibilities, serving the people and collectively ensuring peace and social stability. 

This guidance was provided during his meeting with 3,000 CPP members from Phnom Penh and Kandal province on January 20, according to his social media post.

During the gathering, Hun Sen highlighted accomplishments in the previous mandates of the CPP-led government. These encompassed safeguarding peace, public order and social stability and bringing the Covid-19 situation under control while maintaining national economic growth.

“Despite the challenges of the pandemic and the global economic crisis, the CPP-led government has implemented policies, including social cash transfer programme, to assist citizens and provide various forms of aid,” he said.

Hun Sen further counselled CPP members employed in public institutions and others to unite in preserving peace and social stability, underscoring their crucial role in ensuring macroeconomic growth and effective implementation of the incumbent government’s strategic plans.

He instructed party members serving as local authorities to remain vigilant in maintaining order by enforcing the safe village-commune policy. This involves cracking down on offences such as theft, robbery and drug trafficking, aiming to create a secure environment for the well-being and safety of all people.

“Focus on improving the lives of citizens by delivering public services, including essential and requested services, promptly and efficiently. Endeavour to eliminate all instances of inactivity,” he urged.

CPP spokesman Sok Eysan said on January 21 that the meeting was convened among party leaders and members, specifically targeting commune council members. The purpose was to boost morale, better preparing them for the upcoming 5th Senate election, and spotlighting the party’s achievements to date.

“The achievements highlighted during the gathering underscore the tangible results of the CPP’s efforts in steering the country towards growth and widespread benefits for its citizens. This substantial support is evident, with the CPP garnering as much as 80 per cent of the people’s support,” he said.

Eysan added that this meeting also showcased the pride of the CPP leadership in its members.