Minister of Interior Sar Sokha has shared his appreciation for members of Cambodia’s police forces, as well as police veterans, civil servants and support staff, for the way they have performed their duties in a conscientious manner.

He urged them to maintain unity as they work to develop the Kingdom even further in the next five years.

Sokha made the remarks during his January 3 meeting with representatives of each of the ministry’s units, held to celebrate the work of officials under the leadership of his predecessor Sar Kheng, celebrate the achievements in the previous government mandates, and plan a future working direction.

He noted the many accomplishments of the past, and urged them to maintain their positive momentum going forward.

The minister encouraged them to maintain strong internal unity, noting that cooperation – as well as communication with the public – is crucial if they are to achieve their set tasks. They should share their knowledge, skills and experiences with one another to help improve governance.

He also called for increased social and humanitarian work at the grassroots level.

“For the sake of the ministry and the government, we must maintain our morals and virtues and fulfil our roles with accountability,” he said.

“We must be committed to the Kingdom’s development in the next five years, while protecting peace and stability. It is our duty to defend national independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and our constitutional monarchy, as well as our liberal democracy,” he added.

He urged them to continue to support public administrative reforms, including public financial management, judicial and legal reforms, as well as the principles of decentralisation and deconcentration.

In addition, he reminded them to redouble their efforts to implement the “safe village-commune” policy.

He expressed optimism that ministry officials and support staff will remain committed to their tasks and will work hard to ensure development in the next five years, in line with the government’s Pentagonal Strategy.