Cambodia's educational landscape is experiencing a significant upswing. An increasing number of students are pursuing international qualifications to prepare for a competitive and interconnected global environment. 

The competitive nature of education and careers is a clear indicator that students need to prepare themselves well in advance, akin to getting ready before the starting whistle of a game. 

It is practical for them to be exposed to the higher echelons of international university life and education levels even before their tertiary studies begin.

Recognising the importance of early preparation, UTS College has introduced the UTS Cambridge Accelerator Program, an innovative initiative set to transform this journey by offering a specialised and comprehensive programme tailored for Year 10 graduates.

Designed to provide a first-hand experience of studying in the vibrant city of Sydney, Australia, this pioneering educational programme promises to reshape the international education landscape in the face of tomorrow's challenges. 

Slated for its inaugural intake in February 2025, the programme is more than an academic route; it is a transformative expedition designed to realise potential and enrich lives through the power of education.

At the heart of the UTS Cambridge Accelerator Program is a philosophy that goes beyond conventional education. 

To delve into the programme's vision and its anticipated impact, the Phnom Penh Post advertorial team conducted an email interview with Justin Chu, Principal of UTS College Cambridge Accelerator.

A Conversation with Innovation: Justin Chu on the Programme's Philosophy

The interview sheds light on the programme's potential to redefine international education for Cambodian students.

"The UTS Cambridge Accelerator Program goes beyond simply providing a qualification," emphasises Chu. 

"We foster a nurturing environment that cultivates well-rounded individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in a dynamic world." 

This philosophy is at the heart of the programme, which combines the rigour of the Cambridge International AS and A Levels with a focus on Business or STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects. 

This blend ensures students develop a strong academic foundation while exploring their specific areas of interest, fostering a passion for lifelong learning.

Beyond Textbooks: A Holistic Approach to Education

The programme prepares students for life by encouraging them to develop an informed curiosity and a passion for discovery.

 “It is a comprehensive programme that guides students to become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, and completely engaged in their studies at UTS College,” says the principal.

Year 10 graduates get a head start on university life, fostering independence and resilience while gaining valuable exposure to a supportive and student-centred learning community. 

"Our programme provides a full-time immersive Australian university experience right here in Cambodia," explains Chu. 

This early immersion allows students to adjust to the expectations and demands of a university environment, setting them up for success in their future academic endeavours.

A Competitive Edge: Advantages that Make a Difference

Compared to traditional pathways like private high schools or local A-level programmes, the UTS Cambridge Accelerator Program offers several distinct advantages. 

The programme acknowledges the importance of language proficiency in a globalised world. Therefore, Academic English (AE4 and AE5) is embedded within the curriculum. 

This targeted approach equips students with the language skills needed to excel in an English-speaking university environment. 

By eliminating language barriers, the programme empowers students to actively participate in academic discourse, ask questions and confidently engage with their professors and peers.

In addition, it offers four UTS first-year university (diploma) subjects within the curriculum. 

Students receive credit towards a UTS College diploma, providing a valuable head start and a clearer understanding of potential university pathways. 

This early exposure not only gives students a taste of university-level studies but also allows them to make informed decisions about their future academic trajectory.

Building Global Citizens: The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

The UTS Cambridge Accelerator Program stands out for its commitment to holistic development. 

Recognising the importance of fostering well-rounded global citizens, the programme also incorporates the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh's International Award. 

Through community service, skill development, physical activities, and social experiences, students broaden their horizons and develop a strong sense of global citizenship. 

“The programme enables you to discover your talents and develop the skills required for success in both your studies and your future careers.”

“It prepares you to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s world and to shape a better world for future generations,” adds Chu.

This focus on service and personal growth equips students to become responsible and engaged members of their communities, both locally and globally. 

Guaranteed Entry and Credit Recognition: A Smooth Transition to Higher Education

The UTS Cambridge Accelerator Program offers additional benefits beyond its core curriculum. 

“Students have access to a dedicated support network of experienced educators and advisors who provide guidance and mentorship throughout their studies.”

One of its most attractive features is successful completion of the program provides students with guaranteed entry to any UTS undergraduate degree. This means students can complete their A levels and undergraduate degree in the one location (no need to worry about trying to gain entry into a top 100 university down the track).

"We understand the importance of a seamless transition to higher education," says Chu. 

Students who meet the necessary academic requirements receive an offer to their chosen UTS degree programme, eliminating the uncertainty and anxieties associated with university applications. 

This guaranteed pathway offers peace of mind for students and parents alike, allowing them to focus on achieving academic excellence.

Investing in Your Child's Future – A Decision for Success

The Cambridge International qualification opens doors to UTS as well as the world’s best universities—in Australia, the US, the UK, Canada and beyond.

Looking ahead, Chu envisions the UTS Cambridge Accelerator Program continuing to evolve to meet the demands of future generations. 

"Our goal is to empower students to reach their full potential by fostering a supportive and engaging learning environment," he explains.

The programme's emphasis on academic excellence, cultural immersion, holistic development, and early exposure to a university setting equips students with the tools and confidence they need to navigate the complexities of the global landscape.

“Overall, early study abroad opportunities in Australia provide students with a transformative experience, cultivating global perspectives through cultural immersion, academic exposure, and personal development.” Says Chu.

Don't miss the chance to give your child a competitive edge in the globalised world of education. Learn more about the UTS Cambridge Accelerator Program and its February 2025 intake at