Prudential Cambodia is organising a fundraising drive to support the Kantha Bopha Hospital’s charitable work treating sick children free of charge. Eighty per cent of the children hospital’s patients are from households with incomes of less than $1 a day.

“Run/Walk with Prudential” is a collaboration between Prudential Cambodia and KKRC Running Club with the support from ACLEDA Bank Plc, Wing Bank (Cambodia) Plc and footwear-maker Skechers.

Prudential will donate 1,000 riel (around $0.25) to Kantha Bopha Hospital for every 1km run or walked from October 1-31 under the initiative, which is open to all ages.

“As a responsible insurer, supporting the communities we work in has been a critical focus of our operations. Additionally, with this fundraising drive, we want to spread awareness on the importance of an active lifestyle to combat the rise of lifestyle diseases.

“Run/Walk with Prudential for Kantha Bopha will allow participants to improve their health and the Kantha Bopha hospital to continue the critical work they do for Cambodia through the funds that are raised,” said Prudential Cambodia CEO Sanjay Chakrabarty.

ACLEDA Bank’s Financial Services Division senior vice president Neth Piseth said: “We are happy to be able to promote this charitable initiative and look forward to making our staff and customers aware of this initiative.”

Wing Bank (Cambodia) Plc CEO Han Peng Kwang said: “Wing Bank is delighted to participate in this exciting charity event that will help support the financial needs of Kantha Bopha Hospital.

“Kantha Bopha Hospital has provided free medical care to those children most in need, and without discrimination.

“When you run with Prudential today, supported by Wing Bank and others, you are contributing to the crucial operations of Kantha Bopha hospital.”

KK Running Club president Kim Kok said: “At KK Running Club we promote health and fitness. We are excited to collaborate with Prudential on this initiative as it not only benefits the runner or walker but also Cambodian society.”

Those wishing to take part need to join the “Run-Walk with Prudential” Strava club and log their walks/runs on the app between October 1-31, 2021.

The club can be accessed via

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