Kep’s provincial authorities have called on all residents and members of the armed forces to uphold public order, enhance environmental cleanliness and make infrastructure upgrades. The move comes as the province gears up for the 10th Sea Festival, set to take place from December 1-3.

Provincial governor Som Piseth said on October 1 that following discussions with the Ministry of Tourism in late September, Kep had been confirmed as the venue for the third round of the festival. The exact location within the province is yet to be finalised, awaiting approval from the ministry.

Piseth emphasised the importance of infrastructure improvements in Kep town, including road enhancements and aesthetic upgrades. He also pushed for local residents, civil servants and members of the armed forces to actively participate in ensuring the town is pristine for the fair.

“Our primary goal is to kindle the enthusiasm of our youth, educators, residents, officials and the military. We want them to grasp the significance of these events and understand the province’s role and responsibilities,” Piseth said.

Despite this year’s festival having a tighter schedule due to recent electoral activities, Piseth remained optimistic it would be a success.

He noted that despite the shorter duration, the province is determined to ensure order and safety throughout the celebrations. Attendees can participate in an array of activities, ranging from races and food markets to exhibitions and concerts.

Thourn Sinan, chairman of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Cambodia chapter, pointed out that the fair primarily targets domestic tourists.

He stressed the need for diversifying exhibits during the event. He observed that past festivals often showcased alcohol and energy drinks, which don’t significantly contribute to the national economy.

“Exhibits should reflect our local produce – be it furniture, food or souvenirs. That’s genuine progress,” Sinan said, further suggesting that the province and related ministries prohibit beer and energy drink exhibitions, in line with practices in Vietnam, Thailand and other nations.

In 2022, the ministry hosted the Sea Festival in Preah Sihanouk province. This event coincided with the general assembly of the “Most Beautiful Bays of the World Club”, held from December 9-14.