The Ministry of Justice is offering its support to help a Cambodian woman sentenced to death in Tay Ninh province in Vietnam, on a charge of cross-border drug trafficking.

Justice Ministry spokesman Chin Malin told The Post on Monday the ministry is reviewing the case and collecting the details.

The Tay Ninh court handed down the decision against Phnom Penh resident Meach Sreyneang, 27, on July 31.

She is accused of smuggling methamphetamine into Vietnam through the Moc Bai International Checkpoint in December, according to the Vietnam News Agency (VNA).

Under Vietnamese law, an offender found with more than 600g of heroin or cocaine, or more than 2.5kg of methamphetamine will face capital punishment.

Malin said the sentence will be appealed.

“Meanwhile, the Ministry of Justice is studying and collecting detailed information with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to find a legal strategy that can be used to help the woman,” Malin said.

He said Cambodia will request punishment in the Kingdom. “In this case, the Vietnam court already tried the woman for cross-border drug trafficking. This case might fall under the prisoner transfer agreement.

“This case is still in the process of being studied and we are collecting detailed information. There is no specific law to be used as yet,” said Malin.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Kuy Koung told The Post the consulate general of Cambodia in Ho Chi Minh City has been working to find justice for the woman since she was detained.

“The Tay Ninh provincial court gives 15 days to file a case to the appeal court. Meanwhile, the foreign affairs ministry will use all legal ways to help the lady,” Koung said.

Adhoc spokesman Seung Sen Karona told The Post the government of Cambodia should use the prisoner transfer mechanism.

“The government should use diplomatic means to ask for intervention from Vietnam to take back this woman and punish her in Cambodia,” he said.