The Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Chea Vandeth issued a formal letter on October 18 appealing to students who are taking the upcoming high school diploma exam to focus on learning digital skills.

“As the Minister of Post and Telecommunications, I encourage all students to study hard and I wish them success and good grades during the upcoming high school examinations for the 2021-2022 academic year,” the letter added.

The minister said that he wanted to encourage all students who pass the exam to consider learning digital skills and other related skills so as to strengthen their ability to find good jobs with high pay while also helping the government achieve its vision to develop a modern digital government, economy and society.

He added that in the digital age, technology plays a fundamental role in improving daily livelihoods, conducting business and providing public services effectively.

Vandeth did not mention any scholarships for the students, but his ministry does have a training institution that specialises in digital skills and awards Bachelor’s degrees.

The high school examinations were originally set to take place in November but were rescheduled for December 5-6 to avoid conflicting with the ASEAN summits. The exam results will be announced later in the same month.