Minister of Planning Bin Trachhey recently met with UNICEF representative to Cambodia Will Parks to discuss ongoing support for nutritional initiatives.

Trachhey requested UNICEF’s continued backing for the universal salt iodisation project and other nutrition-focused schemes involving iron, and fish and soy sauces, according to the ministry.

“We asked UNICEF to keep supporting these efforts and also help train our officials in inspection and assessment skills,” it said in a social media post following the September 11 meeting.

Organisations dedicated to child and women’s nutrition lauded Trachhey’s suggestions. Among them was Hou Kroeun, deputy country director of the NGO Helen Keller International, who expressed his support on September 13.

“The country faces many challenges in salt iodisation inspection. UNICEF’s role in ensuring standard iodine levels in salt is crucial,” he said.

Parks affirmed UNICEF’s commitment to bolstering cooperation with the ministry. He proposed a consultative meeting for late September to prepare a new five-year cooperation plan for 2024-28.

Trachhey also encouraged UNICEF to assist in data collection at the sub-national level. Specifically, he called for tablet support for communes and planning departments across the Kingdom to identify impoverished households.

Due to the partnership, UNICEF has already provided technical aid for Cambodia’s national development strategy, the sustainable development goals and other initiatives, including the identification of families in need of help.