The Ministry of Post and Telecommunications is accelerating plans to establish community tech centres in high schools across the Kingdom, where students will be able to attend classes with specialist teachers. Plans are also underway to connect fibre optic cable internet to all local administrations by 2027.

Telecoms minister Chea Vandeth announced that the ministry will set up community tech centres in high schools across the country, in order to enhance students’ learning outcomes and increase their capacity to employ digital technology.

Vandeth explained that the centres will play an important role in providing practical hands on training, as many schools teach only computer theory due to a lack of equipment.

He was unable to confirm a specific timeline for the rollout, but said construction of the first, at a high school in Takeo province’s Bati district, has begun.

“We are starting with one school in Bati district, and then we will roll it out until every high school has its own technology centre,” he added.

The minister said the centres will be equipped with large screen TVs or monitors, so students can study online.

“Normally, students in rural areas do not have the opportunity to study with specialist teachers, as they tend to be employed in urban centres, like Phnom Penh. We will video record lectures from specialist or outstanding teachers, and play them for students in rural areas. Rural teachers who want to increase their knowledge will also learn a lot from the videos,” he added.

Sim Rong, principal of Hun Sen Muoy Mithona High School in Peaream commune of Takeo province’s Bati district – the first high school to pilot the project – said the building that will house the facility is under construction, and he expected the fit out to be completed as soon as construction was complete.

“I understand that the provincial post and telecommunications department is currently seeking bids for the equipment we will need. I expect we will be able to begin piloting the centre as soon as June,” he added.

“The staff and students of the high school, as well as the whole community, are very excited that we were chosen as the first school in the country to pilot the project,” he concluded.

Vandeth also confirmed the ministry’s plans to connect fibre optic internet cables to all commune administrations, police stations and public health facilities in Cambodia by 2027.