The Ministry of Public Works and Transport urges vehicle owners whose technical inspection certificates have expired to use the mobile inspection service that will be available across the Kingdom, noting that last year over 10 per cent of vehicles missed their required inspections.

The ministry announced the mobile inspection service schedule for this year, which aims to provide services closer to the people to save time and money and contribute to reducing traffic accidents.

According to the ministry’s schedule, the mobile vehicle inspections will be available for four to five days.

Ministry spokesman Heang Sotheayuth told The Post on April 3 that the ministry has two vehicle inspection mechanisms: Inspections are available at the 20 permanent inspection sites located across the country as well as via the mobile inspection sites that rotate to different areas on a schedule.

“To promote better implementation of traffic law and safety in driving, please get your vehicles inspected regularly. It takes about 15 to 30 minutes for the inspection, depending on each vehicle and its complexity,” he said.

Citing the 2022 figures, Sotheayuth said about 16 per cent of the one million vehicles on Cambodia’s roads were not inspected.

Participating in the technical inspection service, he said, means that everyone is contributing to reducing traffic accidents for themselves and for other road users.

“The number of inspections varies each year and it depends on the type of vehicles. Some vehicles require inspections once per year, like for truck transporting goods. New vehicles are inspected every two years. In particular, for family type vehicles, inspections are required every four years for a new vehicle and once per year for used vehicles.

He noted that there is a fine of 500 riel ($0.12) per day for regular passenger vehicles that go uninspected and 2,000 riel per day for trucks with an expired vehicle inspection certificate.