Nath Bunroeun, secretary of state of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, urged the Kingdom’s public schools to follow the latest community strategy to improve general education.

Bunroeun addressed the December 31 closing ceremony of the 10-day “School Community Strategy” workshop in Siem Reap. The workshop was attended by about 200 participants from target schools across the country.

He said that during the ten days, the attendees had learned skills that they would be able to apply at their local level to strengthen the education sector in Cambodia. From now on, all schools across the country will implement new standards in accordance with the education ministry, which set out the school community strategy project to improve general education.

Bunroeun advised public schools across the country to monitor the presence of students and contact parents immediately if students are absent. He also encouraged students to pay attention to achieving good grades.

“Apart from teachers and principals, it is the community and parents and guardians that must take care of the most important characters – the students. Each student should work as hard as they can to make sure they do not fall below the average grade,” he said.

Bunroeun also insisted that schools maintain the environment around their campuses and limit the number of students to between 40 and 45 per class.

In addition, he encouraged students to form their own study groups, so they could support each other and improve their results.

The workshop was part of the ministry’s General Education Improvement Project, which was designed to respond to key reforms and achieve the two educational policies of the Education Strategic Plan 2019-2023.

The project will be implemented for five years, at 1,633 target schools across the country.

Tan Vicheka Rainsy, director of the Bakong District Education Office of the Siem Reap Provincial Department of Education, Youth and Sports, who attended the workshop, said he believed the community strategy would be a useful tool for improving the quality of general education in Cambodia.

He added it will help target schools in his area to collaborate and help each other, while strengthening community involvement.

“I will implement this strategy in my district and hope to extend it beyond the target schools. I believe it will simultaneously improve local education services and allow closer support between schools,” he said.