The Ministry of Public Works and Transport launched the “1275” hotline number on Wednesday to make it easier for people to seek information and advice related to transportation.

“This mobile phone system will help people with free calls for inquiries, problem-solving, technical assistance and consulting,” said its announcement on Tuesday.

“The service answers questions related to public services and automation systems, vehicle registration, driver’s licence examinations, vehicle technical inspections, vehicle ownership transfer, business registration, and understanding Cambodian driving rules and the Road Care mobile app,” it said.

Ministry spokesman Heang Sotheayuth told The Post the hotline officially began taking calls on Wednesday with three staff to answer questions.

He said the questions mostly focused on technical assistance, public services, vehicle registration, technical inspection, vehicle ownership transfer and driver’s licence examinations.

“Through the hotline, the three officers immediately find solutions to questions effectively and transparently. The system records all conversations between callers and our staff,” Sotheayuth said, adding that it can also identify and locate callers.

Affiliated Network for Social Accountability executive director San Chey said coordinating immediate solutions to people’s inquiries through the hotline is a new development.

But the effectiveness of responding to problems and how good the solutions are is still unknown.

“I encourage people to use this system to get advice and solutions from officials on various concerns related to public services,” Chey said.