The Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts is conducting a four-day training course aiming to enhance the teaching proficiency of over 100 educators at the Secondary School of Fine Arts (SSFA). It said this effort is in response to the evolving digital age.

In a social media post, the ministry highlighted that the September 19-22 workshop aligns with the human resource policies of the new government. The overarching goal is to fortify educational institutions by augmenting their management and human resource development, ensuring improved work efficiency and the provision of top-tier educational services.

Ministry undersecretary of state Thieng Vandarong noted the course's emphasis on shifting from traditional teacher-centred techniques to a more student-centred approach.

“This new strategy encourages students to take greater initiative in their work, allowing teachers to follow clear lesson plans, thereby enhancing the calibre of education and preserving the professional skills inherited from our predecessors,” he explained.

SSFA director Heng Komsan said the course underscores the importance of moral education and mental discipline in effective teaching.

“Teachers will acquire skills in drafting lesson plans, adopting student-focused methods and implementing problem-solving tactics in the digital context,” he said.

Bunthan Sokhanarith, acting director of the Cultural Framework Training School, emphasised the course's objective of modernising public functions to ensure efficiency, quality and competence. He said it is vital for teachers to maintain ethical standards, while serving the state and the community effectively.