A two-year-old Myanmar boy, Aung Khant Moe, has been given a fresh lease of life in Cambodia.

His successful surgery for a rare abdominal wall defect, omphalocele, at Japan Heart Children’s Medical Centre epitomises the extraordinary blend of medical skill and kindness crossing national boundaries.

Performed by a dedicated team of Cambodian and Japanese medical professionals on July 8, the surgery took five hours, the centre announced on its social media page.

Despite his tender age and the complexity of his condition, the young patient’s resilience shone through, and he is now on the path to recovery.

Aung Khant Moe’s recovery in the intensive care unit (ICU) is closely watched by his mother and medical team.

His mother’s profound gratitude towards the medical staff and other patients for their unwavering support was clear.

“Despite the language barrier, the Cambodian people have provided us with tremendous support ... your care for the Myanmar people means the world to us,” she said.

His life-saving surgery comes amid political upheaval in Myanmar and the ensuing healthcare crisis.

The necessary intervention for Aung Khant Moe’s condition had become a formidable challenge due to the strain on Myanmar’s healthcare system since the political crisis began in 2021.

According to a representative from Japan Heart, due to the ongoing strike by doctors and nurses across Myanmar, state-run hospitals were unable to provide the required medical treatment, leaving Aung Khant Moe in a vulnerable situation.

Japan Heart fundraised for Aung Khant Moe’s surgery and facilitated his journey from Myanmar to Cambodia, giving hope amid uncertainty.