National Police Chief Neth Savoeun has ordered all police forces to tighten up security this year, as Cambodia is scheduled to hold many important events including the ASEAN summit and the commune council elections, as well as annual events such as next week’s Khmer New Year.

Speaking at an April 6 meeting to examine the work achieved in the first quarter of this year, Savoeun also reminded traffic officers to maintain professional standards while carrying out their duties, according to National Police spokesman Chhay Kim Khoeun.

“During the meeting, Savoeun urged officers to pay special attention to improving vigilance – especially during the upcoming national and international events,” Kim Khoeun said.

Savoeun also instructed all senior officers to focus their attention on maintaining security around national institutions and embassies and consulates of foreign nations, lest an unnamed group attempt to cause societal disruptions.

He reminded all members of the police to continue increasing enforcement of the law, and to practice a zero-tolerance policy when it came to all forms of crime, in order to guarantee social order and public safety.

According to Kim Khoeun, Savoeun said: “Beef up the reduction of traffic accidents through strengthening the public’s respect for traffic laws. In addition, traffic police officers must maintain the highest standards of behavior while on duty. No matter how tiring their work, they must display patience and tolerance, whether fining or educating members of the public.”