On the 76th anniversary of the creation of the National Police, Prime Minister Hun Sen and Minister of Interior Sar Kheng praised the authority for safeguarding peace, stability, security and social order.

“Although our country is enjoying peace, the National Police have actively performed their roles ... with a patriotic spirit,” Hun Sen said in a special message sent to the National Police on May 16.

Since the country’s liberation from the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime on January 7, 1979, Cambodia has overcome many obstacles to rebuild the country from scratch to the level people enjoy today.

On this difficult journey, the National Police has joined the government and made countless achievements. Many sacrifices have been made to restore peace for the people and the nation, Hun Sen said.

He added that in 2020-2021, although Cambodia has been fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, the National Police continue their work to improve society. Cambodia has also fended off terrorism and cracked down on transnational crimes.

“On this occasion, I would like to offer my condolences to family members and relatives of police officers who have sacrificed their lives on missions and deaths for other reasons and due to Covid-19.

“I would like to send my regards to police officers as well as family members who had been hospitalised and kept in quarantine in hospitals, houses or at quarantine centres. Brothers and sisters please get through the risk of this dangerous disease and recover from it soon,” he said.

The prime minister also highlighted the situation of world peace in 2021 and 2022, saying that while the war on Covid-19 was ongoing without an end in sight, the situation of world peace had changed. It was complex and full of danger that could negatively impact Cambodia.

In the run up to the 2022 commune elections, he said certain individuals would try to sabotage the elections, which will affect internal security. The National Police must prevent these attacks, he said.

The National Police also have to be vigilant on drug-related offences, human trafficking, cybercrimes, importation of counterfeit and faulty medical products and domestic violence. All of these crimes were complex topics.

“All these tasks are heavy and complex burdens for the National Police. But I am still hopeful and optimistic about the National Police’s conscience and loyalty for the nation and motherland,” he said.

Similarly, Minister of Interior Sar Kheng also sent a letter to the National Police, saying: “Peace, stability, security, public order and social safety are the pillars for development in all sectors. Hence, the National Police is a core force in the security field. They have to constantly continue their mission to strengthen the foundation of national development.”

He said the huge achievements of the government could not be separated from their struggle and sacrifices. Police have played an important role in preserving stability, security, public order and social safety, which are the foundations of national development, said the letter.