The National Election Committee (NEC) issued an August 25 announcement to political parties, associations, and all domestic and international NGOs that intend to register observers for the upcoming voter registration and voter list verification process.

Applications must be signed by the heads of each group, or a representative with specific written authorisation.

Registrations for political parties are open from September 24 until December 21. Political parties wishing to appoint agents to observe the process should apply through commune councils using form 1007, which is free of charge.

Registration for domestic observers from associations and NGOs begins on September 1 and ends on December 21. Application forms should be submitted to the NEC. Once they have been formally recognised and authorised by the NEC, they will receive observer cards and have the right to supervise the 2023 voter registration and verification process throughout the country.

Registration for international observers will run from September 1 until December 28. Applications should be submitted to the NEC. International observers who are formally recognised will have the right to monitor the 2023 voter registration and verification process in Cambodia.