Tep Nytha, secretary-general of the National Election Committee (NEC), has instructed the chiefs, deputy chiefs and computer technicians of the capital/provincial election secretariats to impart what they acquired from their recent training to officials and stakeholders.

He gave the instruction while addressing representatives from political parties, associations, NGOs and relevant ministries during the August 26 closing ceremony of a three-day training course focused on the "2023 voter list review and registration".

He highlighted the improved social, economic and political environment following the 2023 general election, ensuring a smooth and orderly process for the 2023 review.

As required by law, the NEC annually updates the registry to ensure its completeness and accuracy. This involves enrolling individuals who recently turned 18, those who have not cast a ballot before and those who have relocated to new communities.

NEC deputy secretary-general Mok Dara reiterated that this effort is designed to safeguard the right to vote for all Cambodian citizens.

The viewing, validation and authorisation process for the 2023 inventory will take place from October 1 to December 31.

In a move towards enhancing the audit of polling rosters, the NEC recently announced the recruitment of 3,304 short-term contract officers to be stationed in communes across the capital and provinces to aid in the undertaking of this vital task.