Newly appointed Minister of Tourism Sok Soken has announced the introduction of three strategic goals and five strategic pillars which aim to develop Cambodia's tourist sector in a quality, competitive, sustainable and inclusive fashion.

Soken expressed hopes that the initiatives and strategies, in line with the new government’s political platform and Pentagonal Strategy-Phase I, will stimulate growth in the sector based on the core principle of “tourism connects land and nature.” It aims to make Cambodia a leading global tourism destination, and enhance the prestige and resilience of the Kingdom.

The three goals include improving the competitiveness, sustainability and inclusiveness of the Kingdom’s tourist industry. The five pillars, referred to as the “5-Build”, will be supported by three support components, known as the “Development 3Ds”.

These goals and strategies aim to stimulate the development of the tourist sector by increasing its efficiency through increased coordination between state institutions and all other parties involved in Cambodia’s tourism development. Further details concerning the “5-Build” and “Development 3Ds” were not immediately available.

Soken made the announcement as he met with his predecessor Thong Khon, who now serves as Senior Minister in charge of Special Missions, along with 400 officials from the ministry on August 25, said a ministry press release.

He called for the participation of all pertinent sides as he worked to grow the Kingdom’s tourism industry.