As of November 7, the National Election Committee (NEC) had registered a total of 2,661 national observers from six NGOs and associations who had applied to observe next year’s general election.

Registration for observers lasts from September 20 to February 11, 2023.

The NEC said the observers are from NGOs and civil society organisations, including the Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia, Cambodian Women for Peace and Development, Reachsey Association, and the Committee for Free and Fair Elections in Cambodia (COMFREL), among others.

It said that six political parties had registered 7,419 political agents or observers, including 1,572 women, to observe the election registration and voter list.

The political party with the most registered agents is the Cambodian People’s Party, with 3,738 agents, followed by the Candlelight Party, with 3,388. The remainders are from Funcinpec, Khmer National United Party, Cambodian Youth Party, and the Democracy Power Party.

According to the NEC, registration for political party agents or observers is open from October 13 to February 11, 2023.