High-ranking officials applauded the determination and sacrifice of the nation’s retired servicemen and women, underscoring their instrumental role in advancing the nation’s development. They urged continuous effort to secure peace across all factions.

Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sar Kheng, alongside first vice-president of the Cambodian Mine Action and Victim Assistance Authority (CMAA) Ly Thuch, and Rural Development Minister Ouk Rabun, celebrated the veterans across various venues on June 17 and 18.

During the gathering in Battambang province on June 18, Sar Kheng decorated retired civil servants and armed forces veterans with medals, extolling their efforts to foster peace, stability, unity, and nationwide growth.

“Their sacrifices have shaped our nation’s history. We pledge to uphold their legacy, championing development for the prosperity of our future generations,” he said.

At the June 17 event in Bavet town, Svay Rieng province, Ly Thuch honoured 154 veterans with medals. Thuch stressed that the government’s gratitude towards veterans, who’ve made immense sacrifices for peace and the country, has never waned.

“Prime Minister Hun Sen recognises the tremendous contributions of our Cambodian veterans in advocating peace and national unity,” he added.

Thuch went on to outline governmental policies designed to safeguard the welfare and livelihood of veterans. In particular, he hailed the dedication of the Cambodia Veteran Association’s members, who have loyally served the nation for numerous years.

“Cambodia’s turbulent history has left our people with deep wounds and divisions. It necessitated sacrifices from the youth of that time for the betterment of all Cambodians,” he acknowledged.

Thuch encouraged the members of the Cambodia Veteran Association and all Cambodians to persist in their efforts to uphold peace, support governmental policies, and participate in the upcoming general election scheduled for July 23.

Echoing this sentiment, Chhort Bunthang, a cultural relations, tourism, and education research officer at the Royal Academy of Cambodia, proposed an annual day to remember and honour veterans to promote unity.

“Their brave defence of Cambodian territory and resistance against our nation’s enemies is invaluable. It is a duty shared by the government and the nation alike to express gratitude for the immense sacrifices made by our veterans,” he asserted.