As the Water Festival kicked off on November 7 and will continue until November 9, Prime Minister Hun Sen called for all authorities and the armed forces to ensure security and public order for the Cambodian people who have already set off for their holiday destinations across the country.

In a November 7 social media post, Hun Sen said that although the water festival was set for November 7-9, Phnom Penh will not organise events due to the fact that the capital is to host the ASEAN summit and related meetings from November 10-13.

Hun Sen said that this week the government is busy welcoming high-level delegations to the Kingdom, but traditional boat racing will still be held in some provinces.

“I call on the authorities and armed forces at all levels to be mindful that security is provided and public order is maintained to make sure that the public enjoy Water Festival events in all provinces where they are organised,” he added.