Prime Minister Hun Manet has expressed his hopes that the Conference of Global Public Security Forum will mobilise comprehensive measures for common security challenges, in order to serve the common cause of providing security, development and prosperity for all nations.

The call came via a pre-recorded address to the 2023 forum, delivered on September 20. This year’s forum is being held in the Chinese coastal province of Jiangsu, north of Shanghai.

He said the conference reflected current realities, while holding a long-term vision of the need for comprehensive and sustainable cooperation, with a focus on maintaining global security. This would create opportunities for socio-economic development and prosperity for all.

“This long-term vision aligns with the Cambodian government’s commitment to fostering security cooperation for peace, safety, harmony and development – nationally, regionally and internationally,” he added.

He stressed that the Kingdom is prepared to join law enforcement forces from any relevant sides, in order to devise instrument s and policies that would promote connectivity and closeness.

“I believe that in-detail discussions and the exchange of experiences between conference participants will surely lead to additional key measures that are in the best interests of maintaining security and public safety for the people of all nations,” he said.

Yang Peou, secretary-general of the Royal Academy of Cambodia, supported the forum, saying it enables each country to express their political views and raise global public security concerns. In addition, each state could gather input from the others.

“We have seen the benefits of participation in this forum, although failing to implement its measures could be an issue, due to geopolitical competition for influence and power.

“Until the superpowers have the political will to consider global security issues, the overall situation may not improve,” he said.

The forum, first held in 2015, provides a platform for the leaders and law enforcement actors from various countries to assemble and exchange views and opinions – as well as share experiences – to serve the work of maintaining security in their respective countries, as well as globally.