Prime Minister Hun Sen has removed the deputy governor of Kep province, Phou Lik, from his position following allegations that he engaged in violent and harassing behavior towards two women at a party on December 29.

In a sub-decree dated December 31, 2022, and bearing the prime minister’s signature, it is stated: “Effective immediately, Phou Lik is terminated from his office and duties as deputy governor of Kep province.”

Lik’s firing came at the request of Minister of Interior Sar Kheng.

Phou Lik could not be reached for comment regarding the situation as of the morning of December 31.

Local media reported that Lik attended a party on the evening of December 29 where he allegedly harassed two women and attempted to flirt with them. When they rebuffed his overture and walked away from him, Lik threw his wine glass at them which shattered and caused injuries to both.

Lik was first appointed to the position of deputy governor of Kep in July, 2020.