On the cusp of the forthcoming general election, Prime Minister Hun Sen has reiterated his appeal for all eligible voters to cast their ballots on July 23.

The National Election Committee (NEC) has stated the campaign period of 16 days has proceeded in an orderly, secure, and tranquil fashion.

Hun Sen took to the Telegram social media app on July 16, highlighting the spirited and joyful nature of the campaign period thus far, likening it to a solemn festival.

The premier expressed that various political parties have actively rallied their supporters.

The social media post stated: “In echoing the requests of the King and the NEC, as Prime Minister, I’m seizing this opportunity to urge all registered individuals to go to the polls to vote in the general elections on July 23”.

During the campaign period, the NEC reported that 15 political parties actively disseminated their political ideologies. Of these, five have also orchestrated processions to secure votes.

Sok Eysan, spokesperson for the ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP), said on July 17 that the Prime Minister’s appeal held significant value.

Eysan stated it beckoned registered citizens to vote in the election, which serves as a testament to Cambodia being a genuine democracy. He furthered that this demonstrates the people’s exercise of their constitutional rights and will in electing a leader.