The National Election Committee (NEC) put up a January 13 notice of the preliminary voter list and the names to be removed from the voter list in communes across the country, with the two lists posted at the same locations so that the electorate can easily check and verify their names and data.

The NEC shows that 9,710,645 people are on the preliminary voter list posted at 23,789 polling stations. A total of 271,142 people were removed from the voter lists because they had relocated, died, were repeat names on the list or were otherwise disenfranchised.

The NEC said that the goal of the announcement was to allow voters who had already registered to vote to verify their data and if necessary file a complaint for corrections.

Hing Thirith, a member of the NEC, said that the check of the 2022 voter list and voter registration in communes had been successfully completed despite some natural disasters and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Though the voter registration in the communes has been completed, the process of preparing the 2023 voter list is not yet finished.

“We are ready to continue to implement this work at this time. We put up notice of the first voter list and names to be removed from the voter lists. We are ready to receive complaints and address those complaints over these two lists and then we will validate the formal voter lists,” he said.

He continued that the NEC will post the voter list on and via its app NEC KH. Updated voter lists will be used for the parliamentary election scheduled for July 23, 2023.