The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport will allow public schools to reopen next month so students can be prepared to sit for grades nine through 12 examinations in December, it said.

The ministry said Prime Minister Hun Sen is allowing public school students to return in September with maximum class sizes of 15 students and respect for hygienic measures.

It said the Cambodian Higher Education Association (Chea), which represents private education schools, is willing to delay Grade nine through 12 examinations to correspond to the public school schedule.

Chea sent a letter on Sunday to Minister Hang Chuon Naron stating its members had agreed to move planned examinations scheduled for August 27-28 to December.

Speaking to The Post, Chea chairman Heng Vanda said on Monday that the association is made up of 40 member schools representing some 4,000 students who will sit for examinations.

“If we organise examinations on our own in late August it is only two months from the national examinations. It is very close so we decided to move the date back,” he said.