The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has announced the topic of its latest group public speaking competition. “Eliminating the use of E-Cigarette or Vapes” will be the theme. Interested candidates have until February 10 to register their scripts for the event.

A ministry announcement said the contest provided an opportunity for youth to demonstrate their speaking abilities and promoted the use of group study, research and ethics.

Each group must have three members, one of which must be female. Candidates must be from 15-25 years old, and may not be employees of a beverage company.

The group should prepare text which highlights the impacts of ‘vapes’ and the way they are marketed and sold. They should make suggestions about how the education ministry can work with the government to eliminate their presence in the Kingdom. Recommendations for the promotion of education were also encouraged.

Submissions may be no longer than two pages long and typed in Khmer OS Siem Reap.

The champions will receive gold medals and three million riel in prize money. Second will collect silver and 2.4 million, with third claiming bronze and 1.8 million in cash.

Each group which participates will receive an 800,000 riel consolation prize.