Minister of Public Works and Transport Sun Chanthol requested that Jyotsana Varma, newly appointed director of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Cambodia look into the possibility of providing support for road maintenance projects, infrastructure master plans, and wastewater management systems in the capital and some provinces.

He also requested that the ADB consider assisting with public transport master plan projects and support and cooperate with the National Road Safety Committee (NRSC) to improve traffic safety and reduce road accident rates in Cambodia.

The requests came as he met for talks with Jyotsana Varma on September 8 at the ministry.

The Ministry of Public Works and Transport said in a social media post that the ADB director had signaled a strong willingness to continue cooperation with the ministry and the Cambodian government alike.

The ministry said that Sun Chanthol was elated and congratulated her for coming to carry out her mission in Cambodia. He also profoundly thanked the ADB for its long-term support for almost all sectors of development in Cambodia, especially physical infrastructure and public works.

In response, she commended Cambodia for its rapid development progress in the infrastructure and transport sectors, and remarked on the efforts of the ministry and the wise leadership of the government.

At the meeting, the minister also mentioned many important activities that the ministry is focused on. This included the management of wastewater treatment systems, the use of electric vehicles, automation systems and the modernisation of digital technology systems.

According to the ministry, Jyotsana Varma has been working in the development sector for over 29 years. She was appointed director of the ADB in Cambodia in July.