General Vong Pisen, commander-in-chief of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (RCAF), has urged the Kingdom’s counterterrorism special forces to boost their training and capabilities. Although Cambodia is not a direct target of terrorism, the move aims to safeguard national peace, security and effectively tackle any potential future terrorist threats.

On September 26, the general highlighted that terrorism is an evolving threat to both regional and global security, which necessitates a collaborative effort from the international community to combat.

“We must remain vigilant and enhance cooperation with regional and international stakeholders to thwart cross-border terrorism via information exchange, research and shared experiences,” said Pisen.

Praising the special forces, Pisen said they excelled in their primary duties, which include defending the nation, its citizens and maintaining stability and safety for the country’s leaders.

He emphasised the dedicated and important role the counterterrorism unit plays, particularly in ensuring the safety of Phnom Penh and the coastal provinces.

“In addition, it’s imperative to fortify psychological education, character, discipline and morals, while also stringently implementing top-tier leadership displays of unwavering loyalty to the government,” he added.

Yang Peou, secretary-general of the Royal Academy of Cambodia, noted the fragility of the global geopolitical landscape, and the pressing challenge of terrorism.

“The army’s capacities must be enhanced, in terms of leadership and management. We cannot allow the military to be ill-equipped to handle potential challenges. Responding to criticisms regarding their capabilities is a valid, and I would commend any reforms made in the military sector,” he said.