The National Election Committee (NEC) reported that the 2023 voter registration and verification process had proceeded smoothly over 19 days without any incidents of note.

NEC spokesperson Hang Puthea said the process concluded on October 19, and the preliminary voter list will be posted throughout the country on November 24.

“I’ve noticed that people show a keen interest in participating, even urging their relatives to register in preparation for future elections. Despite challenging weather conditions, I observe that our working group effectively carried out their responsibilities without encountering any significant issues,” he said.

He noted that after the October 19 deadline, NEC experts verified data received from the capital and provinces to ensure the accuracy of the list. This is in preparation for posting the primary list on November 24.

NEC member Hel Sarath, speaking in a meeting with election stakeholders on October 19, said that despite weather challenges, including heavy rains and floods in some areas, the registration and revision process encountered no significant obstacles.

“The NEC’s primary objective is to guarantee that citizens who meet the legal criteria could register and be included on the voter list. No matter whether voters resided in remote or geographically complex regions, our working group made efforts to establish registration offices in closer proximity, simplifying the registration process,” he said.

He also commended the active participation of all stakeholders, especially the citizens who registered to vote, which led to the smooth and successful completion of the 2023 registration and verification process.

According to the NEC preliminary report, from October 1-18, there were 226,087 new voter registrations, while 117,995 names were removed from the list. Additionally, 18,850 individuals had their data corrected, while 45,409 people have relocated to new communes.