The APSARA National Authority said that the repairs to the sandstone floor in the central tower of Ta Prohm temple have been completed. The restoration work – which started on January 21 – was completed on February 22.

During the one-month restoration, experts from the ANA and India excavated the scattered sandstone flagstones to recover a large 66 cm high pedestal to restore it to its original location in the centre of the temple.

Chan Lay, team leader for the India-Cambodia Cooperation Project for the Preservation and Restoration of Ta Prohm, said that the team first moved the scattered sandstone flagstones to raise the pedestal and then found the original locations for those stones and put them back in place.

Then they cleaned and repaired the flagstones and also gathered up some other pieces such as roof tiles and structural stones that had fallen and arranged them so that it was safe for both the stones and tourists and easier in the future to work with them if the stones need to be repositioned.

After relaying the sandstone floor, he said the team decided to take the pedestal made of sandstone, which is believed to have once held a statue, and put it back in its original position.

A piece of glass was installed over the pedestal to protect it and prevent debris or objects from falling into the holes in the pedestal.

According to Chan Lay, the central tower has a deeply cut floor which made it difficult for tourists to traverse because of the step down. The team put a wooden floor around the pedestal and the sides of the room to facilitate safe passage.