The Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts has issued an appeal for assistance from authorities at all levels to identify and prosecute those who have created counterfeit public administration documents.

The counterfeit letter claims the ministry intends to gather artefacts from the public to be safeguarded within the walls of the National Museum.

A directive, supposedly dated April 11 of this year, was received by the ministry on the evening of July 6. By the following day, the ministry refuted the content and format of the letter, which unnamed individuals disseminated, as unequivocally fraudulent.

The ministry's statement was unambiguous.

“We call upon relevant authorities at all levels to seek out those who have dishonestly falsified public administration documents, and those who utilise these counterfeit documents for personal gain, and bring them to justice," the ministry's letter said.

The refutation arose after unnamed individuals forged a letter that declared the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts would reclaim Cambodian artefacts for the National Museum, transforming it into a national heritage site as per the recommendation of Prime Minister Hun Sen.

This counterfeit letter announced that, starting from August 1, the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts would collect all artefacts held by members of the public, with the intention of preserving them within the confines of the National Museum as national heritage assets. These relics would then serve as a legacy for both local and international visitors.

The fabricated correspondence also warned that should the public refuse to cooperate in surrendering these artefacts to the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, legal action would be taken against those who concealed and retained any such artefacts.