National Police chief Neth Savoeun called the director of the Anti-Terrorism Office of the Ministry of Interior Thlang Phinra for questioning after he was accused of threatening a couple with a gun.

The couple owns a noodle shop in Boeung Kak II commune, in Tuol Kork district.

Deputy National Police chief Y Sokhy said National Police officials questioned Phinra on Wednesday, but he could not discuss the result.

This questioning came after Savoeun called on Phinra to admit his mistake, mediate or apologise to the victim. However, the mediation was not successful and the case will be sent to court.

“Savoeun will not ignore wrongdoing of any official that can affect the dignity of the whole force. Those who commit offences will always be punished,” said Sokhy.

The action came after the couple filed a complaint to Interior Minister Sar Kheng and The Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia for justice. Phinra is also a lawyer.

The complaint alleges Phinra used a gun to threaten the owner of the noodle shop and her husband. He pointed the gun at the couple who were having lunch with eight other friends.

According to the complaint, there was no argument and Phinra is a frequent customer.

At around noon on the day of the incident, September 20, the victim was eating with friends in the shop because it was not open on Pchum Ben. After eating for a while, Phinra came in uninvited. But because they knew each other the waiter allowed him to sit and eat.

They continued eating until about 2 pm. At that time, Phinra was drunk and started threatening the owner.

He said he could call Phnom Penh Municipal Police chief Sar Thet to close the noodle shop.

The husband responded that his shop sold noodles and coffee and did not sell any drugs. Why would he want to close his shop?

Phinra then allegedly took out his gun and threatened to kill them.

“I call for Sar Kheng and related authorities to find justice for me because I am still worried about my safety. He has money, power and position. I cannot confront him.

“I can only depend on the law to help me solve this problem. I ask for $100,000 in compensation and I request he be punished seriously. Don’t forgive him,” Dina wrote.

The Post could not reach Phinra for comment.