The lone foreign national still jailed after being arrested in January alongside nine others at a pool party in Siem Reap is scheduled to see his case tried in court on March 15.

British national Daniel Jones is facing charges of “producing pornography”, after Siem Reap anti-human trafficking police arrested the revellers at a pool party linked to a pub crawl called Let’s Get Wet.

All of those arrested besides Jones, 30, were given bail on the condition they left the country. No credible evidence to support the “pornography” charges has been provided by the court or police.

Court spokesman Yin Srang yesterday would only confirm that the trial will take place on March 15, refusing to comment further on the case.

Immediately following the arrests, the National Police released photos of men and women in sexually suggestive positions, but fully clothed, with the suspects and their lawyers saying the images were from another party that took place years earlier.

One of the partygoers, who was immediately released after the raid, told The Post earlier this month that the party had not involved any nudity or drugs.