The Cambodian Cultural Village, a theme park and museum in Siem Reap town, announced on Sunday it will cease operations on November 7 and lay off 300 employees.

The company cited the decline in tourism due to Covid-19 as the factors that led to the decision.

“Our company faced serious economic and financial issues and is not able to afford the expenses of the business. The company will close its operations entirely,” the announcement said.

According to management, workers will be compensated according to the law.

The Post could not contact Cambodian Cultural Village director Lim Sopheak or her deputy Touch Socheat for comment on Monday.

Mom Sreypheak, who was worked for the company for almost 17 years as an arts coach, told The Post on Monday the closure announcement seemed to happen quite suddenly and she and other staff are having a hard time accepting it.

“This place used to be very famous. We still hope the company continues its business. There are still tourists who come to visit even though there are not as many as before.

“We do not know where to find a job now. It is too fast for us. We expect the payment of our last salary will be calculated accurately, but workers like us don’t have a high salary,” Sreypheak said.

She said assets like tools may not be sold because the owner has other companies that can use them.

Separately, more than 40 workers at the cultural village have been protesting since August to demand 20 per cent of their salary and annual food money the company cut from them.

Worker representative Lim Sopha told The Post on Monday that the 40 workers will continue to protest until the company closes. He said they are demanding money they deserve according to law.

Sopha said he feels bad for the other workers who will lose their jobs soon, but the shutdown has nothing to do with the protest.

“This closure is not related to our protest and we are also victims. The company declared its closure due to Covid-19, so we hope we will get a solution like other workers,” he said.

Cambodian Tourism Workers’ Union Federation (CTWUF) president Touch Kosal said he was concerned about the benefits workers will receive at the end of the contract.

He said the 40 protesting workers have yet to receive a solution.

“It is something sad that in the past workers protested but did not get any solution. Then there is the news of the company closure. We will further observe this,” he said.