The Preah Sihanouk Provincial Administration established a working group to inspect the roads and sidewalks of Sihanoukville, after discovering they were extensively damaged in some areas.

Provincial Department of Public Works and Transport director Borey Vongsanit said that some of the roads and sidewalks managed by his department have fallen into disrepair.

He shared his assessment at a November 21 meeting held to discuss provincial infrastructure.

“As of September, there is damage to the roads and sidewalks of Sihanoukville in 993 locations on 26 roads. The damaged area covers and estimated 6,200sq m. It must be repaired to enhance the beauty of the town,” he said.

Provincial deputy governor E Sok Leng, who was present at the meeting, concurred with the conclusion of the public works director.

He also suggested that inspections be done in the presence of property owners – especially of sidewalks, as several property owners may have caused the damage themselves, and should accept responsibility.

“If we tolerate their excuses, and they slow down our repair work, then we will have to take action. Members of the public and the all property owners – especially construction sites – must play their part in the beautification of the city,” he said.

He insisted that sidewalk repairs should be accelerated, as they made a huge difference to the pedestrian appeal of the city.

In 2019, Prime Minister Hun Sen announced the inauguration of large-scale infrastructure projects in the province, including 37 roads and two wastewater treatment plants in Preah Sihanouk, at a cost to the government of about $300 million.

The wastewater treatment plant, which broke ground in November 2019, has been completed and was officially inaugurated in Dec., 2021.