From February to June 2, veterinarians in Svay Rieng province administered Haemorrhagic Septicaemia (HS) vaccines to 2,366 cows and buffaloes in Chantrea district and vaccinated more than 900 cows against lumpy skin disease (LSD).

Pen Chanthy, head of the provincial agriculture and veterinary bureau, said on June 2 that the vaccinated animals included 1,367 buffaloes in Samrong and Tuol Kei communes.

He said 119 cattle were treated, including 48 cows, while disinfection spraying operations were continuing.

“The disinfectant is being sprayed in almost every house, to make certain that no sick animals can spread the disease from one place to another. Some people have been issued disinfectant so they can spray their own property. It needs to be done daily. We have also instructed farmers to keep their barns clean,” he said.

He said the disease occurs almost every year and officials are sure to educate people to take care of their animals and ensure that they are kept in as clean an environment as possible. They should monitor the condition of their livestock and report any illness to village and district veterinarians.

He noted that there was no outbreak happening at the moment, but just a few isolated pockets of animals that had gotten sick and were being treated.

“It’s almost every year that some animals get sick. It happens more frequently here because there are lakes and people release their cattle to graze together. Some people hire a person to take care of 30 or 40 cows, and sometimes don’t realise that one or two have fallen ill. By the time they notice, some of them may be very sick, or even die,” he said.

Chantrea district governor Thorn Tha Vuthea said he had contacted the provincial agriculture department. Specialists had responded immediately by inspecting cattle and dispensing disinfectant. The situation was under control as of June 2, he added.

He appealed to all residents and commune authorities to be vigilant and report any cases to the authorities or veterinarians immediately.