Svay Rieng town authorities will on December 31 confiscate all equipment around Veal Yun market that vendors place outside the boundaries of their premises, town administration head Sem Vanne said on Thursday.

Vanne told The Post that some small business owners, by displaying their advertising displays, tables and parasols on public roads, are making the town look chaotic and unsightly.

He said his authority had asked vendors to follow its guidelines, but some continue to offend, so a letter has been sent to warn of impending action.

The letter, signed on December 11 by Svay Rieng town governor Nop Chamroeun, was obtained by The Post on Thursday.

“We have issued plenty of warnings which had an effect for only one day or two. Following this final warning, the authority will inspect the area and remove [items in public areas]. If items are damaged, it will not be the authorities’ fault,” the letter said.

It said all small vendors around Veal Yun market must not put up parasols, beds or tables on the market’s road.