The Tbong Khmum Provincial Hall has warned of administrative penalties and other punishments for any land developers who violate the province’s master plan for land use, thereby degrading the land’s appearance and negatively impacting infrastructure.

Provincial administration spokesperson Mao Dong told The Post on September 26 that the warning was issued after the provincial administration found that the owners of land development projects had filled the land in with soil, closing-off drainage and burying the front-ends of the canals.

«The provincial administration will take action or impose fines,” he said.

However, Dong said the provincial administration has yet to issue a warning letter or fine any land developers in the province over this issue.

No Si, a land developer in Tbong Khmum, said the provincial government had asked the developers to maintain order and make sure they have proper drainage systems that work.

“[Provincial officials] demanded that we apply for permits to build and fill the land in with soil and setting up drainage systems for our projects because if they are substandard it will affect the future development of the province,» he said.

Provincial governor Cheam Chan Sophorn said because land developers had filled in some of the land with soil to construct buildings, there were roads being built to those areas as a result and all of this uncoordinated activity looked sloppy and was damaging infrastructure.

He added that presently the provincial administration is developing all kinds of infrastructure such as roads, drains, bridges, swimming pools, electricity and water utility systems, drainage systems and gutters following the master plan for land use.

«The administration has to maintain public order, the environment, safety, beauty and contribute to the development of the above areas in accordance with the principles of the master plan for land use and urban land use plans in Tbong Khmum province,» he said.