The Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport will host a poetry composition and recitation competition to celebrate Teachers’ Day on October 5, with the goal of enhancing students’ poetry skills.

In instructions released on September 6, the education ministry outlined extensive plans for this year’s celebrations, which include poetry competitions at both the sub-national and national levels.

“Teachers from public and private educational institutions, as well as teacher training colleges, will be eligible to participate. They will compete for the Samdech Preah Sangkhareach Chuon Nath Award in composition and the Krom Ngoy Award in recitation, under the theme ‘Teachers are the pillars of school reform towards excellence’,” said the notice.

At the sub-national level, all provincial and municipal education departments have been tasked with coordinating competitions.

This two-stage competition – in collaboration with local authorities, development partners, and stakeholders – will involve selecting top candidates for composition and recitation, with awards to be based on their abilities.

In the second stage, departments will work with relevant parties to choose first-place winners in both disciplines. These winners will advance to the national competition.

Winners at the municipal and provincial levels must be determined by September 20.

The national competition will take place from October 2 to 4 at the education ministry’s new administrative building.

Results and awards for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in both categories will be announced during the Teachers’ Day celebration on October 5, held at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia.

Kong Samneang, head of the Federation of Education Services, expressed his support for the ministry’s initiative.

“The competition will yield two primary advantages. Firstly, it will serve as an inspiration for both students and teachers to delve deeper into the domain of poetry,” he said.

“Secondly, it will contribute to the educational sector in Cambodia by underscoring the invaluable role of our teachers,” he added.

He encouraged the education ministry to continue holding such contest, noting that they enhance the quality of education, particularly in the poetic domain.

The education ministry urged the directors of all education offices at the municipal and district levels – as well as those at the capital and provincial education departments – to establish selection committees to assess the entries and select winners.